wait maybe i can save people some time. what are my most divisive opinions. uhhhh

  • i hate steven moffat¬†and i think doctor who is currently very poorly written!!!!
  • i love frozen from the deepest depths of my being
  • not fond of the nutrek movies
  • on balance i am fond of john green
  • ds9 is my favorite star trek and tbh sisko could take out picard any day of the wEEK
  • makishima yuusuke is a trans girl
  • if there is an alien or a furry i will ship it with a human
  • if i were forced to choose a “”“side”“” wrt discussions of social justice i’d pick “sj warrior” every time but holy hELL i disagree with so much of the way this website does sj
  • one time i got yelled at for not liking cottage cheese
  • i think. i think that’s it. im not all that contentious

  1. asimplesweater said: *whispers* founding fathers slash fic
  2. pyrrhicvictini said: what?? cottage cheese is delicious!!!! YOU LOST A FOLLOWER!
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